People tend to think that celebrities have everything. They have money, a ton of friends, and they get to travel all the time. Why wouldn't they be happy?! Well, none of that truly matters. Mental illness isn't something that comes on just because you can't afford a designer item. Mental illness has nothing to do with things, and all to do with your hormones, serotonin levels, and other serious factors, such as life changes. 

Celebrities, no matter how wealthy or successful, can feel lonely, anxious, and depressed. There is a quote that I love by Jim Carrey that goes, "I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer." Depression does not discriminate, and there are a ton of celebrities that have been open with their struggles with the mental illness. So here are a few of them you wouldn't know suffer from depression: 

Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez has been very open about her health struggles. She was diagnosed with Lupus a few years back, and has struggled with mental illness such as anxiety and depression ever since. She ended up having to get a kidney transplant because of it, and announced that that was the reason she was laying low all of summer 2017. Selena Gomez is an executive producer on the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, and that show hits close to home for her because of her struggles with mental illness. She recently was hospitalized for a low white blood cell count, which ultimately sent her into a mental breakdown, and she went to a mental health facility to get further help. 

Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga opened up back in 2016 about her struggle with depression, saying when her career took off, she doesn't remember anything from that time. She admitted to taking anti-depressants, but also said, "I take medication. I’m not saying I feel good because of the medication. I wouldn’t encourage young people to take anti-depressants or mood stabilizers." Lady Gaga also suffers from Fibromyalgia, which resulted in her cutting her Joanne tour short. 

Jon Hamm

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Jon Hamm is a pretty quiet actor. He's the funny guy in most movies, he's the wannabe Canadian (watch the hilarious commercial here), and he's best known for his role as Don Draper in Mad Men. But what you wouldn't know is that he suffers from depression. He told InStyle back in 2017 that he sees a therapist and doesn't care who knows about it. In 2015, Jon Hamm actually entered rehab for alcoholism, and he admits that his depression stems from a lot of grief he has from losing both his parents when he was young. 

Kid Cudi

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 Kid Cudi shocked fans when he took to Facebook that he was struggling with depression and anxiety, that he also said have ruled his life since before he can remember. This post, which got over 500k reactions, also noted that he had checked himself into rehab for depression and suicidal thoughts. While this post was back in 2016, he is now back in action with music and touring and told Billboard "I'm the best I've ever been" back in July. It does get better! 

Kristen Bell

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Kristen Bell, who is 38 years old, has suffered from depression and anxiety since she was 18. While she has said there was no logical reason for her to feel this sudden crippling depression, that didn't matter. Thankfully, her mother was a nurse and told her that she could seek help at any moment. She has been on medication to help with her depression and anxiety for a while and even said that exercise really helps. 

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