Looks like someone said yes to taking chances! Yesterday, a video of a Celine Dion fan serenading the Canadian singer was posted to Instagram and has since gone viral—not only for the singer’s voice, but also for Dion’s incredible reaction.

When a fan named Freida ran into the 51-year-old outside of the Four Seasons Hotel in Downtown New York, she jumped at the chance to surprise Dion with a performance of “I Surrender”.

When Freida began singing, the “Courage” singer asked her driver to stop so that she could listen. Dion maintained a straight face throughout the brief performance then broke into a smile at the ending, offering her fan a fist bump and thanking her for the impromptu show.

According to the caption on Frieda’s IG post, Dion said, “thank you for singing for me,” to which she replied, “thank you for singing for me for my whole life.”

“Such an honour to sing to you @celinedion 🖤 Starstruck is an understatement,” Frieda also wrote.

Currently, the original video has been viewed just under 20,000 times and has received over 200 comments. It’s also gone viral on Twitter, where it’s received nearly 130,000 likes and over 31,000 retweets.

While some people are impressed with the courage it took for Frieda to perform in front of such an iconic musical figure, others can’t stop talking about Dion’s reaction to the show that took place yesterday.

“The strength in her jaw to keep that straight face is WOW,” one person tweeted.

"Judging you in French," commented another viewer of the viral video.

“It was at this moment. A new meme was born,” joked another Twitter user.

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing reaction photos of the legendary Celine Dion under all of your favourite tweets for the next few weeks.

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