Turns out people are still pretty die hard over Céline Dion, so much so that one fan just couldn't keep in her seat while the Canadian singer played a show a part of her Las Vegas residency. The video emerged after Dion was pictured on stage before a fan ran up to greet her. What happened next? A very... interesting hug and interaction all while Dion handled it with pure grace. 

The fan who came up during her January 5th show at Caesars Palace had a few moments with Dion before security came onto stage, but instead of taking her off, Dion ensured to her bodyguards that she was fine. Even while the fan humped (?) the star. Dion continued to be a great sport about the whole situation, having a light chat with the fan before letting security guide her back to her seat. 

@celinedionembedded via

After the fan got off stage, Dion made sure that the fan was ok and back in her seat before resuming the show. Then went on to thank security for coming to help quickly but calmly before apologizing to the crowd for the delay, but that sometimes 'some people go through a lot and just need to talk'. 

This isn't the first time that a fan has managed to climb up on stage at a concert, considering the same incident happened to Ariana Grande earlier this year. Though we can't help but be proud of how polite Dion was in how she handled the situation, doing Canada proud! 

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