Just over a month ago hearts shattered across the globe when power couple Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan called it quits. They announced the news of their separation in the most kind and loving way with a joint message uploaded on each of their social media pages at the exact same time. 

The couple, who fell in love right before our eyes in the 2005 movie Step Up has been nothing but couple goals since getting together - and the news that after 10 years together they would be separating was devastating for most.

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However after a decade of happy years together in the crazy world of Hollywood and maybe because of their daughter Everly Elizabeth Maiselle Tatum - the two have kept it nothing but classy in front of the media. Supporting one another while still choosing to go their separate ways. 

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So with yesterday being Mother's Day - a time for many to thank those wonderful women in their lives for all they do, Channing didn't let it go by without saying some beautiful words to and about Jenna. 

In an Instagram video posted to his personal account, he told the world "Happy Mother's Day everybody! Jenna, Happy Mother's Day, baby. Momma, Happy Mother's Day, hope you're enjoying this beautiful sunset. Love you guys."


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Understandably his term of endearment to his now separated wife has the world confused and... hopeful. Would he be calling someone who he doesn't love a term like baby? Especially so soon after announcing that the couple is splitting? 

Should we be sad for Channing because it's clear that he still loves her? Should we hold out hope that they'll realize what we all know - that they're perfect together? 

Us fans just don't know how to react to this!?! However, one thing is certain - his message had us all swooning.

Here's the video in mention, that warmed all of our hearts. 

Source - Narcity Quebec 

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