It's been over eight years since Chris Brown's infamous assault on Rihanna. Although he's kept a relatively low profile since then, recent activity prompts potential jail time for the celebrity. The oddest part? It boils down to monkeys and bananas. 

Last December, Chris Brown purchased his pet monkey Fiji - an exotic animal - and uploaded a video of the monkey being held by his three-year-old daughter. The video was quick to receive criticism. People were infuriated by the idea of owning a wild animal as a pet and issues such as illegal wildlife trade was raised. 

@chrisbrownofficialembedded via

Brown could now potentially be facing time behind bars after his latest purchase. Sources say that he never acquired a legal permit for his pet. Although he surrendered the animal, he could still be facing charges for owning "a restricted species without a permit" - a misdemeanour that could lead to six months in jail. 

A search warrant has already been used to seize the monkey as evidence, and a case has been filed with the L.A. City Attorney's office. Chris Brown's lawyer is "confident that nothing will come of this" and believes that amidst a handful of more noteworthy charges, that this is absolutely absurd. 

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