Just when you thought that Chris Brown had finally grown up a bit and stopped with the dramatic outbursts, he surprises you. 

Chris Brown is known for his rocky... and violent past, and last night in LA was no different. He completely freaked out on a valet parking attendant and threatened to assault him because he was upset with his service.

@chrisbrownofficialembedded via  

Brown was leaving TAO in Los Angeles on Thursday night when the incident occurred. TMZ reported that the argument was over the service charge for his car. We don't know the exact amount, but it's obvious that Chris thought he was getting ripped off, probably because he's famous.

The clip starts with him saying clearly to the attendant, "Yo, you did me dirty, you're trying to rape me right now". The video goes on and Chris says multiple times directly to the valet attendant that he wants to "knock [him] out and then he later says he won't, but only because there are too many cameras.

@chrisbrownofficialembedded via  

The video ends with Chris telling the attendant that the next time he sees him, he has to "hook [him] up". The attendant agrees and tries to give him an awkward side hug, to which Chris remain rigid and says "I'll knock you out, I don't give a f***."

It's clear that Chris hasn't changed his ways and small things - like service charges - still set him off.

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