Remember that time last Summer when Chris Brown tried to slide into Rihanna's Instagram comments and the world collectively turned into a Rihanna defense squad? That day also being the birthday of that iconic Demi meme? Well, it looks like Brown is back for part two after he once again took to social media to talk about his ex, but this time in hopes for a future collab.

Via @badgalriri

The singer/rapper has definitely had a rough few years and has been looking for any way to get back into the A-list when it comes to the music industry, though his latest idea sounds a little out of his league. Chris took to Twitter claiming that a collaboration between Beyoncé, Rihanna, Bruno Mars and himself would be a great idea. As in three of the biggest trending artists right now... and someone who hasn't been relevant since 2009.

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Though he wasn't talking about your typical song collaboration, the singer's suggestion was that they all go on tour together. Uh... what?

Fans were quick to put the star in check considering his past with Rihanna as well as how irrelevant he is in comparison. As usual, Rihanna kept dead silent like she had the last time Brown tried to rile her up presumably because she knows this is just Brown looking for a way to get his songs to chart on Billboard.

It's practically guaranteed that Brown's initial suggestion will definitely not happen, though who knows if maybe Rih, Bruno, and Beyoncé could unite for a tour or maybe a one show special? It's safe to say that would be one for the books.

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