You might already know that Chris Hemsworth showed Canada some major love over the weekend, via his IG. If you weren't aware that the Thor actor has been hanging out in the True North, well surprise - he's here and we couldn't be more excited.  

If you're wondering where exactly Chris is spending his time then have no fear, we've done all the creeping so you don't need to. First off he's been spotted in beautiful B.C.- no word yet what swept him away from the warm and sunny beaches of Australia to Canada, but we're not complaining. 

About two weeks ago he landed in Canada and was on a "selfie stick adventure" all while showing some love to his temporary home in Canada. He posted a cute video of the moment and it definitely made us smile. 

Then he posted a pic in a wet suit and captioned it, "Not sure if we’re robbing banks or surfing but it’s damn cold in Canada 🇨🇦 well worth it though , what a beautiful place!!"

With a little detective work, we were able to find out that the photo was taken in the Vancouver Islands.

@chrishemsworthembedded via  

Next we got a taste of where he might exactly be in B.C. when he posted an Instagram story during his sky high adventures on a helicopter.  


He tagged @atleoair a Seaplane and Helicopter charter company that operates in Tofino B.C.

So, if you're hoping to grab a selfie with Thor himself, maybe start trolling the streets of Tofino to bump into the Marvel superhero. Pro tip, he seems to be liking the B.C. pho. 

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