Most people know that travelling during the holidays can be an actual, serious shit show. The airports are always super busy, schedules are airtight, flights are jam packed and not to mention extremely expensive. Basically, it always feels a little rough - even if it goes according to plan. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's flight was a traveller's nightmare as they departed from LAX to Tokyo.  Or at least, attempted to. 

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John and Chrissy were flying to Tokyo for a romantic New Year's Eve and great sushi. A wonderful plan for any couple, especially this famous duo. They were up in the air, on their way, when suddenly - the plane announced that they were turning around. Why? Because somebody was on the wrong flight. 

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This was four yours in to an extremely long 11-hour flight to Tokyo. Instead of going all the way to Japan, the flight re-routed back to LAX. Delaying 150 passengers with a full day of extra travel and majorly screwing with their plans. Chrissy did what Chrissy does best of course and narrated the whole affair to her millions of Twitter followers, giving everyone the deets. 

Not only did Chrissy and the other passengers have to talk to the police, but de-board the plane and wait an additional 3-4 hours before boarding a new flight! AMA travel is definitely going to feel the burn of Chrissy T's live-tweeting as this holiday horror went viral almost immediately after being posted. Here's hoping everyone else travels swiftly and safely from now to New Year's! 

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