I feel like every single family member, family friend, or any celebrity has been asked a question about Kylie Jenner's pregnancy and it's safe to say, no one will budge. It's pretty obvious at this point, and one celebrity definitely agrees. But does that slyly confirm Kylie's pregnant?

On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Chrissy Teigen was asked a few questions about the KarJenners. She was first asked how long she's known about Khloe's pregnancy in which she replied, "Khloe, a while. I saw her at Kim's baby shower." Looking super uncomfortable, she also answered the forbidden question of if she's seen Kylie's bump. She awkwardly replied, "And I won't say anything about Kylie". Wow, groundbreaking. 

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Kylie, who has been absent on social media since Christmas Day, has been rumoured to be pregnant for about 4 months now. Just like everyone else, Andy Cohen thinks the pregnancy is so obvious since everyone is avoiding the question. "Well you all are just locked under secrecy. If it's so obvious and no one's saying anything, then it's obvious". And Chrissy agreed saying "I know." I feel like no matter what, we're all going to look too much into everyones answers that have anything to do with Kylie's pregnancy. 

Chrissy, who is also pregnant with her second child, has been a family friend of the KarJenners for years. Chrissy Teigen also does not hold back, so if she's not spilling about Kylie's apparent pregnancy, I think we're all doomed. Watch the interview below!

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