Everybody come and play! Cobie Smulders took her fans down memory lane by reprising her role as Robin Sparkles from How I Met Your Mother. She even had a new version of her iconic song “Let’s Go to the Mall” written and put on a performance.

If you remember Smulders's character, Robin Scherbatsky, her backstory involved being a former Canadian pop star named Robin Sparkles. Although for the character, the time she spent touring malls and performing was traumatizing, Smulders took one for the team.

Helping a good cause, the actress took to Instagram to record herself singing a newly written version of the Robin Sparkles hit called “Let’s All Stay at Home.”

She played the tune on her piano while using the new lyrics to encourage people to follow social distancing guidelines, “Hey there Jessica, long time Tory, we can’t go to the mall, I’m so sorry.” This was sung with a true Canadian accent, of course.

While plenty of lyrics were altered to fit the new concept, writers Craig Thomas and Carter Bays made sure they still included Canadian shoutouts.

Lines about boys with Wayne Gretzky hair, mention of the upcoming Canada Day holiday, and even a shoutout to Tim Hortons delicious Timbits were all included.

Her caption for the hilarious video read, “Here it is. I hope it takes your mind off some things. It certainly did for me!”
Thanking creators Thomas and Bays, she also expressed that recording the video was “a wonderful journey down memory lane.”

In return for her performance, she asked her followers to consider donating to Canadian charities like Save the Children, Canada Helps, and Daily Bread Food Bank.

You can watch her entire performance below.

Smulders isn’t the only Canadian celeb funding for relief efforts during the pandemic. A-listers like Ryan Reynolds, Justin Bieber, and Drake have also been helping charities that support frontline workers and those in need during this time.

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