Cole Sprouse has built a reputation for being a total ~man of mystery~. Maybe due to the dramatic black locks, brooding stare, super serious Instagram feed and of course - his total mystique when talking about his personal life. Cole did spill a couple secrets to People magazine when chatting about Riverdale and of course, his on-screen (and offscreen) girlfriend, Lili Reinhart. 

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The sexiest day of Cole Sprouse's life? Involved extreme romance, foreplay, and a road trip - which all sounds extremely Cole Sprouse.

 “I can’t go into too much detail," says Cole. "I think sexuality and foreplay are deeply intermingled with romance and setting and all of that and, thankfully, when you’re a photographer, you are consistently in the most beautiful settings with people that you really care about, so it’s a deeply sexy thing, it’s a sexy relationship to have with artistry and environment and romance in general. I think imagery is also deeply interwoven in sexuality and romance. I believe every photographer is influenced by their sexual preference in a greater or lesser way, and it certainly has effected me.”

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When talking about Lili and their rumoured relationship, Cole had a lot to say.

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"Lili and I are constantly talked about in the public eye, and for me I think that it is being deeply informed by the love of the characters and wanting to see us together. I think that in many ways it’s offensive and an invasion of privacy, but it’s also a badge of honor because it means you’re creating a chemistry onscreen that is so understandable that people want to see it in real life, which is flattering from a professional perspective.”

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When asked about if Lili and him were dating, Cole replied: “No comment. Whether you dismiss those rumors or whether you encourage those rumors, it’s giving people who are in my opinion are a bit entitled to your personal life more power, and you have to have spaces for reverence in the industry. Going to college made me realize you have to have real spaces of privacy and you have to establish those early."

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"[Ryan] Gosling is a perfect example. Gosling has been in a much more sexual or romantic side of the industry than many actors have to be, and his marriage is not publicized and talked about and beaten over people’s heads because people respect that he set those boundaries early. And that’s the same thing, the more you let people in on that, the more people feel entitled to it and the more it becomes problematic with whoever you end up being with in the future, so I take that very seriously. So I just never talk about it because it’s not anyone’s right to know. People can speculate all they want, people speculate about me with every member of the cast practically, but it’s really no one’s right to know. It’s also sexy, these parts of the relationships that are just yours.”

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So you admit that there is a relationship, eh Cole? Gotcha!! You sly dog! 

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