Five years ago on July 13th, Glee actor Cory Monteith died suddenly from a heroin overdose in his hotel room in Vancouver, BC. His death left his castmates shocked and his fans across the world in despair. 

His longtime girlfriend and co-star Lea Michele was completely devastated following his death. Now, his mother is opening up about the hours following his death and the details are bone-chilling.

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Monteith's mother, Ann McGregor opened up to People Magazine, describing the moments after she found out that her son had died. 

She explains that she got a phone call from Lea Michele, Cory's girlfriend at the time, and "she was screaming on the phone." She continues, "She was yelling, 'Is it true, is it true about Cory?" Ann responded, "What about Cory?" 

Ann reveals that before Lea's phone call, she was completely unaware of the news that her son had overdosed in his hotel in Vancouver, Canada. She explained that moments after, police knocked on her front door.

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She explains that after finding out that Cory had died, she "went into a state of numbness". As time passed, she said, "I knew it was real, but there were times when I could lie to myself and say, 'He's in L.A., he'll call me soon.' I'm still always hanging on edge."

Cory had a history of drug use. He was only 31-years-old when he died, and he had already been to rehab three times. Despite his overdose, Cory had been planning to rent an apartment in Vancouver after he completed his contract with Glee.

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Cory's mom even revealed that Cory wanted to have a wife and kids. They had talked about him moving to Vancouver and how he wanted to have a family and settle down. She said, "He was ready to step out of Hollywood and really live."

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 Source: People

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