She’s so inspirational! In one of Netflix’s recent releases, Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story, subscribers got an inside look at the conviction of a young woman who spent fifteen years in jail for murder. If you’ve already finished the intense true-crime documentary you might be wondering, where is Cyntoia Brown now?

In the documentary, the then 16-year-old Brown was charged with the death of Johnny Allen after claiming she shot him in an act of self-defence. Allen had offered Brown money in exchange for sexual favours before the encounter escalated to murder.

It was only back in 2019 when the Tennessee law shifted, that Brown saw the freedom she deserved. The state finally recognized her as being a victim of sex trafficking due to her minor status.

Despite the rough years she spent imprisoned, Brown has come out of the situation stronger than ever. Not only has she created a strong support system in her small family, but she has built an incredibly inspiring career.

She Met Her Husband While Incarcerated

In an interview with Today, her husband Jamie Long revealed how he felt inspired to write to her after watching a video of her story on YouTube. The two quickly became penpals and things escalated from there.

Now, they pose together on Instagram and show off their married life.

Brown opened up about her marriage to CBS News saying, “I really feel like I live with my best friend” and that creating a life with him after jail has been “incredible.”

They Live In Nashville

The two put down roots in Nashville after her release in 2019. In a radio interview with Breakfast Club Power, Brown revealed how grateful she was to have a place to move in after being released.

Long supposedly had his Nashville home stocked with a closet of clothes, just waiting for her to come home to.

She Works As An Advocate For Prison Reform

Brown’s Instagram shows off how inspirational she really is. She visits places like correctional facilities and schools and shares her life story. This is meant to help inspire the young woman who might be in a similar position she used to be in. She’s even winning awards!

On a recent trip to DC she wrote, “Thank you @dccorrections for letting me come in to speak with the ladies today...Thank you for the award recognizing my work in prison reform, I will continue the work carrying the ladies in my heart!”

She’s An Author

She doesn’t only advocate for prison reform through her speeches, she’s also released her very own book and has been published in The Washington Post.

Her novel Free Cyntoia: My Search for Redemption in the American Prison System works as a tell-all about her time in the criminal system.

You can find the autobiography on Amazon where the synopsis reads, “In her own words, Cyntoia Brown shares the riveting and redemptive story of how she changed her life for the better while in prison, finding hope through faith after a traumatic adolescence of drug addiction, rape, and sex trafficking led to a murder conviction.”

Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story is currently streaming on Netflix. You can check out the full trailer below.

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