Netflix, TV stations, and most importantly our hearts would not be complete without the hit series that is just about to begin its final season. Though we're not ready for it to end, the story created by the father-son duo is one to be cherished forever. You probably know him mainly for his starring role as David Rose but Dan Levy's net worth doesn't just come from his show Schitt's Creek.

The actor was born in Toronto in August of 1983 to his father Eugene Levy who he co-created the series with, and his mother Deborah Divine.

It first hit TV screens in 2015 and took a little while for people to warm up to, but is now critically acclaimed and well-loved. Their company, Not a Real Company Productions, took two years to get the pilot to air on CBC.

It began with an idea in 2013 and Dan was heavily inspired by Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt from The Hills. 

Before becoming part of the Rose family for six seasons, the 36-year-old worked for MTV Canada on several projects including hosting The Hills: The After Show in 2008 so he knew quite a lot about Speidi. 

Levy also co-hosted MTV Live opposite Jessi Cruickshank in 2006. Check out this clip of them on The After Show.

According to his IMDb page, he has 24 other appearances as himself including Today from 2016 to 2019, hosting The Great Canadian Baking Show from 2017 to 2018, and an episode of Canada's Smartest Person in 2015.

On the acting side, Levy has been in an episode of Modern Family, as well as the movies Stage Fright and Admission. His very first role was in Degrassi Goes Hollywood as Robbie in 2009. 

The Canadian's appearance opposite Mitch and Cam in Modern Family was actually pretty similar to the sassy David Rose.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he is currently valued at $14 million which is a culmination of all of his work and especially his role in creating and starring in Schitt's Creek.  

They reported that he dropped $4.13 million on a Los Angeles home which he shares with his adorable dog, Redmond.

Acting careers run in the Levy family as his sister Sarah plays Twyla in the comedy series and of course, Eugene has had tons of hit movies since the '70s including the American Pie franchise.

However, in an interview with Vulture, Dan told them that he never wanted to rely on his father for support as an actor.

He said, "I was always very reluctant to lean on him for anything because I did feel like if I was going to explore the entertainment industry, I didn’t want to feel like I hadn’t done it on my own."

You can catch the Levy family on the season six premiere of Schitt's Creek on January 7 but keep tissues nearby because he cried for hours over the finale so you likely will too.

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