There have been rumours swirling on the internet that David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham are divorcing. These two have been married for 19 years, that's literally almost two decades! Fans basically lost their minds when rumours surfaced that this fairytale couple was splitting.

Don't worry, we have good news... David and Victoria are definitely not splitting up. David and Victoria are literally English royalty and there's no way that this couple is breaking up. 

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After being fed up with the rumour mill, Victoria decided to release a seriously savage statement regarding the lies about her marriage. 

According to Elle, Victoria released this statement through her spokesperson, "This is nonsense. There is no statement due or divorce. This is just fake social media news. This is all very bizarre and an embarrassing waste of time. There is no statement due, no divorce, and a lot of Chinese whispers and fake social media news." 

If you're wondering what "Chinese whispers" means, it's a controversial (and slightly racist) British slang term for "a game of telephone". It basically means inaccurate gossip that's been relayed so many times that it ends up being a story that's completely made up.

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@victoriabeckhamembedded via  

Victoria and David seem to be happily married with a lovely family. They have four children together, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. Brooklyn is 19-years-old and a successful model. They seem to literally have a fairytale life together.

It doesn't look like Victoria and David are splitting anytime soon. As Victoria said, it's all "nonsense" and "an embarrassing waste of time".

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