We love Dean Unglert. We really, truly do. Despite his slimy behaviour on Bachelor in Paradise, we still have a soft spot for Deanie Baby in our mushy, Bachelor hearts.

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 If you haven't watched this season's spin-off, you won't know that Dean has spent the season flip-flopping between Kristina, America's favourite orphan,  and Danielle L - the world's most boring piece of eye candy. After hitting things off at the beginning of the show and road-tripping down to Kentucky together, Dean & Kristina seemed to be locked in...that is until Danielle L arrived and all hell broke loose. 

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We then spent multiple episodes watching Dean playing the girls until he ultimately sent Kristina home, posted this bullshit Instagram, etc etc. Dean recently talked to Us Magazine about the hate he's been receiving and how he's feeling about the ladies now. 

"I have like 20,000 comments on my Instagram page, it’s crazy,” Dean gushed. "They’re all like, “You’re such a douche bag, I hope you die, I hope you never find love.” A little harsh, no, Bachelor Nation? 

“I do feel horrible about, you know, watching it back and seeing the way that they were both treated,” Unglert added.“But I feel really, really bad about Danielle has been treated and how she’s receiving so much negativity on her social media outlets." Narcity reported earlier this week that Danielle L private her Instagram to get away from the hate. Dean notes, "It’s so unfair to her. So for like those reasons, the reasons of other people receiving negativity because of me, I regret that.”

“Kristina and I and Danielle, we were all on Ellen [the other day], So we’re all on good terms. There’s no more bad blood between the three of us.” Though the trio pre-recorded the episode, it will air to public Monday, with all the juicy details. 

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As for if he's talking to either of the girls right now? "Kristina’s great. You know, her and I had to sit down and talk to each other and hopefully there’s a time that we can figure it out and see what happens from there. But we’re just for now casually talking and seeing if there’s anything there."

Idk about you, but it sounds like a possible Paradise situation to me. Proceed with caution, Kristina!!!  

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