Many of you will remember Dean Unglert as an absolute angel from Rachel's season of The Bachelorette. He stole our hearts with a perfectly white, golden boy smile straight out of an excellent teen movie.

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I mean, if you don't think this is heart-throb material please get out of my face. Throughout his journey on The Bachelorette - from the awkward af "I'm ready to go black and never go back" to the TRULY cringe-worthy reunion with his father- we rooted for him and were subsequently super devastated when he was sent home. 

via @deanie_babies

So of course, when he Instagrammed this INCREDIBLE shot of Jorge (and Kristina), we had some hope for him to find love. And it even looked like everything was piecing together for Dean and Kristina UNTIL he threw us through the ultimate loop and swerved on Danielle L after Kristina had saved him in last week's rose ceremony!! What the actual f*ck!!!

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I get that Danielle's cute but you're supposed to be the good one, Dean!!! And even though it seemed like him and Kristina were literally ~*meant to be*~ aka both cute, with tragic back stories and Colgate level teeth, it looks like this match may not be as solid as we thought. While it looked like Dean and Kristina were all good after that Danielle blip, Dean solidified his romantic feels for Danielle by surprising her with a half-birthday cake, causing Kristina to BURST into tears. 

Fans are NOT into #MeanDean and are sharing their collective outrage on Twitter. 

I for one SINCERELY hope Dean shapes up his act before I too burst into tears.

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