Demi Lovato was just sent to the hospital after a reported heroin overdose and fans of the singer are deeply concerned. 

In the past, Demi Lovato has always been very candid about her struggles with drug and alcohol abuse. Lovato would always talk about how she's been sober for six years and how she has overcome her addiction.

So naturally, fans were completely shocked when she recently revealed that she broke her sobriety. She alluded to relapsing in the lyrics of her new song "Sober". It didn't take long for fans to start questioning her current sobriety. 

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A few months ago, before she released "Sober", Demi was called out on Instagram for supposedly "drinking". During this time, Demi was still stating that she was sober, so fans were worried that stunned when they heard she may have relapsed.

Here's what happened.

It all started last week when a bunch of Disney Channel stars reunited at Hayley Kiyoko's album release party. At the party, Demi was seen with her longtime friend, Matthew Scott Montgomery, Cole Sprouse, Alyson Stoner and more. 

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A photo of the Disney stars was circulating on Instagram and one "fan" called out Demi for having a suspicious drink in her hand. The premise of her comment stated that Hayley Kiyoko posted a photo of the group and it's clear that Demi is holding a drink in her hand.

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Demi's close friend, Matthew Scott Montgomery also posted the same pic but the cup seems to have "disappeared". 

Here's the epic exchange between the so-called "fan" calling Demi out on her shady drink situation, and Demi's shocking response. 

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The comment reads, "bishh I'm not hating on you or tryna put you on blast but frs can you at least explain this lmaooo (also at all of you who will prolly get defensive and pissed, I'm not tryna question Demi's sobriety bc I have a lot of respect for her it's just it seems weird that her best friends post this pic with it shaded and then Hayley who isn't rlly that close to Demi posts the one where you can see what she's holding??? Like tf is going on lmao)

To which Demi responded, "I don't have to defend anything but it was red bull."

We're now wondering if Demi broke her sobriety within the past few months or if she was drinking back then too.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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