We desperately hoped that one day, two of rap's superstars would put their differences aside and come together, for an insane track. Kendrick and Drake have been cold-war feuding for years now, with the two always taking opportunities to subtly snap back at each other - whether it be through lyrics, interviews or public appearances. 

The beef originally started in 2013, with Kendrick's Control where the rapper shouted out all of his competition, including A$AP Rocky, Big Sean and J Cole, saying that he was trying to "murder" the artists. Drake was included in the list and notably took the most offence. Drake rapped about Kendrick not being as 'inspiring' as other rappers claim him to be, truly igniting the feud between them. 

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Fast forward a couple years and the two are still at it. Remember the Meek Mill/Drizzy battle of 2015, when Meek claimed Drake used a ghost writer for all his raps? Kendrick not only aired out Drake out on 'King Kunta' -  "A rapper with a ghost writer, what the fuck happened? Oh no! Swore I wouldn't tell! - but used Drake's 'Energy' hook in attempts to further tarnish the rapper's reputation. "But I still got enemies giving me energy, I don't wanna fight now. Subliminally sending me all of this hate, I thought I was holding the mic down."

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Though Drake has subtly clapped back since 2015, he's kept his feud with Kendrick on a notable back burner, not bringing much attention to the rival rapper. He even nodded to the success of Kendrick's album back in May when DAMN surpassed More Life, making fans think a truce was finally in the cards -  which sadly, just isn't true. 

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Last night, Kendrick Lamar closed the last of his 4 summer tour dates in Toronto. And while fans would have surely loved to see Drake come out, as the Canadian star does for many a visiting hip-hop artist, he was no where to be seen. Instead? Drake made sure the world knew that Kendrick wasn't the hottest ticket in town and flashed footage of SZA's 'Cntrl' Tour on his Instagram story with a trophy emoji next to the singer. 

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So I guess a Kendrick/Drake collab is really out of the cards. But Drake & SZA? We're waiting on it. 

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