So, this is pretty crazy: someone is suing Drake and Kourtney Kardashian's, ex Younes Bendjima, for their part in a nightclub fight that left one man with "extreme mental anguish and physical pain." In the lawsuit, Bennett Sipes claims he was at West Hollywood's Delilah nightclub in March 2018 when Drake's entourage beat him up. Okay, consider us officially interested.

According to Sipes, here's what went down. Apparently, all the aforementioned parties were in the club's VIP area when a confrontation occurred. Bro stuff! Sipes said he tried to walk away and saw Drake give the "throat slash" hand gesture. Uh oh. 

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While Sipes was walking to the bathroom, Bendjima (Kourtney's ex) and several other dudes from Drake's crew attacked him. TMZ got ahold of a video of the fight. It shows Younes throwing more than a few punches. Drake watches from the back for a little while before walking away. 

One source from the club said Sipes "talked smack" to the group. We're definitely not saying that justifies the violence (nothing does), but it is another part of the story. Initially, Sipes filed a police report but decided to drop criminal charges. Now, in addition to Drake and Kourt's ex, he's suing the nightclub. 

We'll be listening carefully to see if Drake mentions the fight on any future tracks. As for Younes, we didn't think it was possible, but Kourtney might have actually dated someone crazier than Scott Disick! 

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