Watch out, Raptors — Drizzy has a new favourite player. Over the weekend, Drake and LeBron James were spotted hanging out with the basketball star’s wife, Savannah, at their son’s basketball game at Sierra Canyon High School. The moment in itself was pretty iconic, but Savannah’s face during their interaction has become a hilarious meme all over Twitter.

In a video taken at the event, LeBron and Drake can be seen chatting, laughing, and overall just having a good time while sitting courtside cheering on the NBA star’s son. Celebrity Insider even described the duo as “behaving like little schoolboys,” which is even more hilarious when you consider that they’re 35 and 33, respectively.

Savannah, on the other hand, can be seen casually sipping some water, and peering over her husband’s shoulders with some subtle side-eye every so often to see what sort of nonsense LeBron and the 6ix God are getting up to.

“Every woman do what Savannah James did at 32 seconds.  just nosey,” one person tweeted.

“Nawwww, Savannah ain't feeling none of that. She's trying to contain herself. The bending over, then sitting back. She's like, let me take a dip of this water before I say something,” tweeted another.

Drake has been facing some backlash lately for one of his recent releases, “When To Say When,” Celebrity Insider reports. In the song, the Canadian rapper allegedly disrespected the mother of his child, Sophie Brussaux, calling her a “fluke.”

Twitter hasn’t been shy about sharing their opinions with the rapper. “Drake said, ‘my baby mama fluke.’ Y’all do know these are the women raising your kids right?” one person tweeted.

“They finna run with this 'baby mama a fluke' line. Thanks @Drake,” commented another.

Drizzy isn’t the only Canadian celebrity to be a part of a viral meme this month. Celine Dion was recently serenaded by a fan outside of a New York hotel and her hilarious and sassy reaction has Twitter going wild.

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