Last week, a new dance challenge took the internet by storm. Now, celebrities across the continent are posting their own variations of "The Shiggy". 

Earlier this week, we reported all about The Shiggy and how it started. If you don't know the 411 on the new dance phenomenon, you can read more about what The Shiggy is and why people are doing it. 

Via Ciara | Instagram

If you want the short version, an Instagram star called @TheShiggyShow created a dance to Drake's "In My Feelings" and challenged millions of Instagrammers to post their own videos of them doing the now-iconic dance. 

Celebrities like Ciara, Russell Wilson, and Odell Beckham Jr. posted their own variations on Instagram and it was a huge hit. 

But, Will Smith just posted the most epic "Shiggy Dance" video yet and fans are going absolutely wild for it! 

Via Will Smith | Instagram

Via Will Smith | Instagram

Will posted this video on Instagram only two hours ago and Drake himself has already commented on the amazing video. In the video, you can see Smith performing the Shiggy on top of a famous bridge in Budapest.

The caption reads, "Last day in Budapest. I woke up #InMyFeelings I’ma Keep It 💯... I was TERRIFIED up there. That’s why my dance moves is all STIFF! Haha #InMyFeelingsChallenge #DoTheShiggy"

Via Will Smith |

Justin Timberlake, Jaden Smith, Questlove, Diplo, Treysongz, Ciara and even @TheShiggyShow commented on the video!

Via Will Smith |

Via Will Smith |

Will Smith isn't only getting props from celebrities, but fans across the world are going crazy over his adaptation of the silly dance challenge. The video has only been on Instagram for two hours and it has over 3 million views!

As Drake has declared, the dance challenge is "done" and Will Smith officially won The Shiggy challenge.

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