Drake, with all of his Grammy's and Instagram followers, isn't an artist you'd expect to get booed off of a stage. We all know by now that things aren't always what they seem. Shockingly,  Drake found a stage where he wasn't exactly welcome. Drake's Camp Flog Gnaw performance got him booed off stage. 

Tyler, the Creator held his annual Camp Flog Gnaw festival at the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles last night, where he thought he was giving his fans the surprise of a lifetime when Drake appeared on stage

What was supposed to be a night the audience would never forget became a night that Drake will be trying to forget for the rest of his career. 

Audience members at the concert immediately took to social media to share the videos of Drake's unwelcome performance and early exit. 

Sensing the upset in the room, Drake paused his twenty-minute set and let the audience know, "I'm here for you. If you want me to keep going, I'll keep going." 

The response was a choir of "no's" and "boo's" and even a few "Get off the stage." 

Drake got the message real quick saying a kind goodbye, "It's been, love. I go by the name of Drake, thank you for having me" and walking off the stage.

His forced exit may not have actually been about the rappers singing though. Fans believed the night's special guest was going to be Frank Ocean.

When Drake came on instead, fans were understandably disappointed. 

Does that make Drake getting booed off any better, though? 

Although this experience was probably extremely embarrassing for the Canadian rapper, he's got so many things going for him right now that one performance gone wrong won't affect his career at all. 

Especially because it wasn't exactly his fault. 

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