Drake took a break from partying with the Raptors this past weekend to remind everyone that he is a father. The internet blew up last year when it was revealed that Drake did have a son. The even bigger plot twist was that his name was a lyric in God's Plan and we were all singing it wrong. On his Instagram, Drake celebrated his first Father's Day this weekend.

"I only love Mahbed and my Momma I'm sorry," we sing those lyrics at least once a week when we listen to God's Plan. Drake confirmed he had his son, Adonis Mahbed Graham, when he released his new album Scorpion. In his song 'Emotionless' he rapped, "I wasn't hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid." But people still managed to forget that Drake was a father. 

On Twitter a fan realized their annual father's day joke to drake wouldn't work out when hey remembered he was a father. They wrote, "I realised this man [Drake] is actually someone's father/baby daddy..."  

Other fans just literally forgot. 

Drake reminded his fans of his son when he posted an adorable handmade gift he received. The photo shows a card with the words "PAPA" stenciled in, surrounded by a lot of painted on colors. He captioned the post, "Happy Fathers Day 💙." 

Underneath the photo, he got wished a "Happy Father's Day" hundreds of times and was shown nothing but support for his Father's Day celebrations. 

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