This Canadian federal election has been anything but smooth sailing and now that Drake followed Jagmeet Singh on Instagram, the political views of Canadians are changing again. From celebs speaking out about Justin Trudeau's blackface controversy, to celeb criticism on lack of climate change proposals from the candidates, Hollywood has never been afraid to get involved with politics. People usually underestimate the power that celebs have when it comes to elections, but this case is proving just how much influence people like Drake have on our decisions. 

His follow comes just after last night's debate where Singh threw some shady one-liners that brought humour to an otherwise tense and loud two hours. He made it clear that Canadians had more choices than just voting for "Mr. Delay and Mr. Deny" referring to Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer when it comes to climate change. As for why Drake followed him right after the debate, maybe he agrees with the NDP's policies, or maybe, like one Twitter user suggested, "Do u think Drake followed Jagmeet Singh bc Rihanna followed him?"

That's right, Rihanna actually followed the Canadian politician before Drake did. Just last week Canadians fell in love with the R&B singer all over again after she clicked that follow button. People on Twitter even admitted to her Instagram actions having an effect on who they were going to vote for and now the same thing is happening with Drake. 

To some, voting for Singh is the obvious answer now that he has Drake's support, "If drake the 6ix god supports Jagmeet Singh I don't see why we all don't support him."

Twitter users are also just full out admitting that they're only voting NDP because of Drake and Rihanna's support, "yes I am only voting Jagmeet Singh because Rihanna and Drake followed him."

With Millenials being the majority in this upcoming election, it's not a surprise that celebrities and social media campaigns could sway the election. Some people even want a Singh endorsement from Drake, and think that a follow was just a stepping stone to something bigger, "Where is that public endorsement drake!?" 

Canada is reaching the final stretch of its federal election with only two weeks left until election day on October 21. Although according to polls, NDP is pretty far behind front runners Trudeau and Scheer, after last night's debate and these celeb follows, it's possible Singh could really see an uptick in numbers. We'll just have to wait and see. 

Be sure to exercise your right to vote this month and check out Narcity's official election guide on how, where, and why voting is important! 

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