Champagne Papi did it again! You may have heard that last week the Toronto rapper went into a grocery store and offered to foot the bill for every customer in the store! After making this very public appearance, the Twittersphere went crazy! Everyone was wondering what the Canadian rapper was up to.

It turns out that this grocery store giveaway was apart of a much bigger plan - God's plan to be exact. The official music video for Drake's smash hit "God's Plan" was released this morning and fans across the world are going nuts!

In the beginning of the video, the screen reads "The budget for this video was 996,631.90." Shortly after, the video explains that they gave all the money away!  In addition to paying for everyone's groceries, he gave away a $50,000 scholarship to a young girl attending the University of Miami. He takes a few girls to Saks Fifth Avenue for a shopping spree and surprises children at a hospital with hundreds of toys!

The video is incredibly heartwarming and you can tell that the reactions of the families, children and people that he affected are completely genuine!

Watch the video down below!

Here are some reactions from fans on Twitter:

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