It's no surprise that celebrities have to deal with both massive amounts of love and just as much gossip and hate. The world can love and adore you one minute and then despise you the next - but it's the price of fame. 

You would think that child actor and modern day 6ix god Drake would have a pretty thick skin when it comes to the hate - but just like the rest of us, he can't help but be affected.

He proved that yesterday when he he took to comments section of a photo posted by comedian and durag designer Trey Richards. Trey uploaded an image of Drake in one of his gradient grey durags after the rapper asked him publicly to throw it up on the 'gram. 

Via Narcity Media

@treyrichardsembedded via  

Almost instantly people flew to the comments section to attack the rapper for everything from the gradient durag he was wearing to his pouted lips. Many calling him ugly or just cracking jokes at his expense. 

Via Narcity Media

Via Narcity Media

Well looks like Drake was NOT having any of that. He decided to throw in his own comment under the picture, saying:

“Wooooowww its crazy to see how people hate on how fleek I look in the gradient dueyyy I Pree’d nuff of your profiles and you mans are waste from ends that nobody rates ah lie?”

Via Narcity Media

Many later backed him up and said he looked great, others ridiculed him for being sensitive. But what do you think, is Drake right to clap back at his haters?

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