To say that yesterday probably wasn't Drake's favourite day this week might just be an understatement. Not only did the rap feud he has going on with Pusha T escalate to the next level - it also resulted in some serious drama/ dirt getting revealed to the mainstream media

One of the majour stories circulating around Drake yesterday was due to an image of him from 2007 in blackface getting posted to social media from Pusha T. 

Understandably the photo caused some serious chaos, and had many questioning what the actual fuck was going on. 

What many came to find out later what that there was a second photo attached to the one Pusha uploaded and that it was all done as a political statement. 

In a message uploaded to Drake's instagram story he explains exactly what the photo means and why he dressed up in blackface and a very racist jim crow shirt for the series of images.  

Via champagnepapi

According to the champagnepapi himself it was done when he was still in his acting years and struggling with the blatant racism and bias within the industry when it came to black actors. 

The photo is a representation of how African-Americans have been wrongfully portrayed in media and the photo was an attempt for Drake to use his platform to bring light to the issue. 

Which once revealed had many realizing that they had judged wrong. 

At the end of the day Neysha on twitter has it right... this whole thing is a mess; but at least we now know what happened around those photos. 

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