After one of the most publicized celebrity feuds of 2015, I never thought I'd see Drake extend kindness to Meek Mill. Meek accused Drake of ghost-writing his tracks that summer, shortly after the two collaborated on Meek's album 'Dreams Are Worth More Than Money'. That summer, the two swung back and forth with tracks though Drake was deemed victorious, releasing iconic singles such as 'Charged Up' and 'Back to Back', the later which soon after scored him a Grammy nomination. 

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With Meek's recent sentencing, many wondered whether or not Drake would comment on his current situation. Meek Mill was sentenced to 2-4 years for violating his probation - a legal decision that caused an uproar both in the rapper's hometown of Philadelphia and the rap community. Jay-Z himself penned a lengthy opinion piece for the New York Times about black men and incarceration. 

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Years ago, when Meek was first locked up, Drake wore a 'Free Meek Mill' t-shirt on stage in support of his friend. This time around, Drake isn't necessarily taking the tee out of his closet, but definitely squashed the beef this past weekend in Australia. 

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Looking through the crowd, Drake began shouting out fans for their wardrobe choices. "I see you with the Adidas, three stripes," he said to one spectator. "I see you got the 'Free Meek Mill' T-shirt," he calls to another. "Free Meek Mill too. You right." 

While Drake may not be crying over Meek's conviction, it's good to know he doesn't think it's right. Check the video of Drake's shoutout here: 

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