Drake isn't going to have any girl feel uncomfortable at his show.

During one of his concerts in Sydney, Australia, the singer/rapper stopped performing to call out a fan for groping women in the crowd. The Toronto-native was in the middle of performing 'Know Yourself,' at a club last night when, having just reached the “Running through the six with my woes,” line, he looked out to the crowd and saw something that just didn't look right.

He told the DJ to stop the music immediately and addressed a fan in the crowd, saying: "If you don’t stop touching girls. I will come out there and fuck you up."

Yup, even with the recent high-profile sexual allegations against some of Hollywoods most powerful men, people are still out there groping women and making them feel uncomfortable. But Drake is leading by perfect example on how to deal with it.

via @champagnepapi

The crowd went wild after Drake threatened the offender, but he didn’t stop there. Over the erupting cheers of the crowd, he repeated himself to make sure the message stuck: "If you don’t stop putting your hands on girls I’m gonna come out there and fuck your ass up."

The More Life singer/rapper then put down his mic to speak to the fan before cueing the music back up and continuing on with the show.

Drake is spending most of the month of November in Australia and New Zealand on his Boy Meets World Tour. The Australia/New Zealand leg of the tour kicked off on November 3 and will run until November 20.

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