The first weekend of August was a big one for Canadians everywhere, but especially for any Drake fans that happened to be attending OVO Fest over the weekend. Despite the insanely high ticket prices, people still dished out plenty of money to be able to attend the event, but they weren't entirely pleased with the show. Drake's 2019 OVO Fest featured a Raptors Shrine and fans are not here for it.

After paying up to $10,000 for tickets, Drake fans were expecting a seriously big performance at Toronto's Budweiser stage this weekend. The rapper brought out multiple guests throughout the night including Lil Baby, Gucci Mane, Meek Mill, Chris Brown, Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, and Rick Ross, to name a few.

Apart from all of the guests that he brought out, Drake also made sure to pay homage to the recent NBA Championship winners, the Toronto Raptors. The rapper started out his set by bringing out the Larry O'Brien trophy after a highlight real of the team's championship season played.

Obviously pretty much every Canadian was overjoyed to see the Raptors take the championship for the first time ever, but people are beginning to seriously question if Drake is taking things too far with his neverending celebration.

Even throughout the playoffs, Drake was criticized for his intense enthusiasm at the games. Granted, he does have a job as the team's global ambassador, which essentially mean he's supposed to recruit more fans for the Raptors and spread the word about his hometown team around the globe.

There's no denying that anyone who follows Drake has definitely at least heard of the Raptors, but it's easy to see why people think he might be stealing the limelight. For someone who didn't spend a single second playing on the court, he sure likes to flex that Larry O'Brien.

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