Yikes! While he hangs out in Barbados, Drake has been spending plenty of time relaxing, hanging out with friends and fans, and snapping photos. However, it's actually Drake's back tattoos that have been earning the rapper plenty of attention lately.

It appears that the Canadian rapper is making the most of what's left of his summer, and was recently spotted wandering around the beaches of Barbados shirtless.

Drizzy isn't one to post tons of shirtless photos on the 'gram, so when fans got a glimpse of the rapper from behind, they were shocked to see that he's covered in tattoos that aren't exactly cohesive.

When people get inked, they often think long and hard about exactly what they want to put on their body, and where. From the looks of things, the "In My Feelings" singer has a different thought process.

Drake's back is the home of several portraits that are not only hard to make out but seem rather disorganized. The rapper also has his signature OVO owl logo, and a giant number six to represent his hometown of Toronto.

Since getting a glimpse of the work that the star has had done, Twitter users have been hilariously roasting him, and they're not holding back.

One person on the site said that Drake's tattoos resemble a Zoom meeting, due to the faces randomly placed all over his body.

Another user pointed out that it looks like Harry Potter and his owl Hedwig are among the many faces living on the rapper's back, although it remains unclear if it actually is the popular character.

Despite all the hate that he's been receiving, Drizzy has yet to respond and has been living his best life while on vacation.

Just last night, the rapper teamed up with DJ Khaled to release two new singles — "Popstar" and "Greece".

Drake has also been spending plenty of time in the studio, putting in work on his upcoming album that's still pending a title and a release date.

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