Toronto Raptors fans were the happiest people in the world when the basketball team took the NBA title last week, but probably not as happy as Drake's dad. Just like his son, Dennis Graham is a big supporter of Canadian basketball. From his dedication, Drake's dad won $300,000 for supporting the Raptors

In a TMZ video, Dennis is recorded standing between two women and wearing sunglasses at night. The interviewer asks him how he felt about the Raptors big win. He told TMZ he is, "the happiest guy in the world," and that he "bet $100,000 on the game and I won $300,000!"

Although he wasn't at the champions parade in Toronto, he was supporting from afar and making money at the same time. He also commented on the debate of whether or not the Raptors should visit Donald Trump at the White House like NBA teams in the past. 

He thinks that the Raptors should stay on Canadian soil for their celebration festivities even complimenting Justin Trudeau by saying he's a "much classier guy than that IDIOT Donald Trump." 

I think congratulations are in order for Drake's dad. The Raptors made all of us happy but they made him a little richer! 

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