If we're being 110% honest, if I was as rich as most celebrities, I wouldn't hesitate for a single second to get plastic surgery - if you've got the money to make yourself look EXACTLY how you want, why not go for it?! I know a lot of people who have the same mentality as me, but for some reason, it's as if whenever a celebrity actually goes through with going under the knife, people attack them mercilessly. It would seem another star is facing some heat right now - Drake's latest Instagram post has people questioning if he got plastic surgery.

If you're a Canadian or a hip-hop fanatic, odds are good that you've spent some time listening to Drizzy over the years. Whether you're a big fan or not, you have to admit that the man's been incredibly influential in the industry, and has paved the way for tons of other Canadian artists on the come up. At just 32 years old he's accomplished a lot, but after his latest post, people are wondering if he went on a tropical vacation to get some lowkey liposuction.

Just yesterday, @champagnepapi posted the above photo of himself, standing in front of a crystal clear ocean, just kicking back and relaxing on vacation. It's not totally uncommon for Drake to post shirtless photos, but it's also not something he does on a day to day basis, so people quickly noticed.

If you follow the rapper or have ever tried to comment on one of his posts, you may have noticed that he has comments disabled for everyone except those that he follows, so all of his posts are usually full of hilarious comments from his other celebrity pals. Upon seeing Drake's thirst trap, musician DJ Carnage decided to call Drake out for having fake abs:

The comment is absolutely SAVAGE, and has over 22,000 likes in just 17 hours. Don't worry though, Drake was quick to clap back, and his response is just as good, if not better than Carnages.

Drake definitely didn't DENY the plastic surgery allegations so it could be 100% true, but he didn't hold back when coming for Carnage either, taking the time to remind him about some sort of betrayal he dealt with from a girl recently. Although he didn't go into total detail, Drizzy's comment was savage enough to get over 37,000 likes.

Whether the rumours are true or not, one thing's for sure - Drake CAN take a joke, and he's not afraid to flip on you and make you look like the fool.

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