We all love Ellen DeGeneres right? How could you not? Her show is amazing and she even voices the forgetful and lovable Dory from the Finding Nemo franchise, it just isn’t possible for anyone to not like this woman.

She is, quite simply, the best. And now we have a new reason to love her even more than we already did.

That’s because when she was doing an event in Calgary this weekend she paid tribute to the Humboldt Broncos is the most heartfelt way possible. If you have some tissues handy then you’re well prepared and if you don’t you may want to get some before reading any further.

@ellendegeneres_worldembedded via

Now as we all know after the tragic bus crash there was the #putyoursticksout campaign on social media where every day Canadians put a hockey stick outside their door to honour the victims of the accident.

Well the talk show host got in on the act this weekend as well.

After coming on stage she grabbed a hockey stick, kissed it and then leaned it up on a rack at the back of the stage.

She told the crowd "My heart breaks for everyone," adding that, "It hurt all of us."

Video of the moment was captured by people on Ellen’s team and by people in the crowd, which you can see below.

So good job to Ellen for taking a moment during her own event to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the horrible crash just a few weeks ago.

Source: CBC

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