Elon Musk is now in hot water again just a short time after he called someone helping with the rescue of the boy’s soccer team in Thailand a “pedo” on Twitter.

This time it’s for how he spends his money, especially when it comes to making political donations to Donald Trump’s Republican party.

But this time he has a helping hand defending him in the shape of his Canadian girlfriend Grimes. 

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Now many of us Canadians pride ourselves on how companies can’t sway our politicians the way they can in the States (at least publically).

South of the border companies will donate large amounts of money to both the Democrats and Republicans so that they can establish a good relationship no matter who is in charge.

Musk is taking serious heat for donating 7 times as much money to the party of Donald Trump than to Democrats since the start of 2017 though. 

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But, as his girlfriend Grimes points out, Musk basically has to do this as the Republicans currently control all the branches of the American government so it's in his best interest to give them money.

As Grimes put it on Twitter this is “the price of doing business in America.” 

She also says that she in no way supports the Republican party

So while Grimes doesn't approve of it she understands why Musk is helping Donald Trump's party and is standing by her man on this one. 


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