Taylor Swift is a controversial pop artist, whether you love her or hate her. Known for drama and songs that rock the charts, Swift tends to shy away from being in the limelight for sensitive issues. 

Though Swift always defends her stance on being a proud feminist, some would criticize and say that she doesn't necessarily practice what she preaches. That's why when she fired her friend and backup dancer Toshi today over misogynistic Instagram stories, the internet blew up. 

Her backup dancer Kim Davidson, known as Toshi, was posting questionable Instagram stories featuring sexist memes. One depicted a "starter kit" for how to get women into the woods, while another made a joke out of unsafe sex. Not only was Toshi a long-standing part of Swifts dance team, he previously got attention when a GoFundMe for his sick nephew. This was the same campaign that Swift donated $50K to. 

It's safe to say that Swift fans are angry, but women who aren't fans of the singer are even taking a stand against Toshi's sexist jokes. Many have taken to Twitter to share their disgust with the dancer. 

Swift clearly took action, as we now know that Toshi has been let go from her dance team. It's unclear whether the two are still maintaining a friendship after this decision. 

Since the news has broken Toshi has made his social media account private. All we can hope for now is that he has learned his lesson and will never question female power again, especially Swifts. 

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