You can't deny the fact that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are moving fast. After only announcing their relationship a couple weeks ago to being engaged and moving in together in NYC, it has been a whirlwind. 

And despite the fact that both stars have talked about how lucky they are and they sound like they are in love, people don't think this romance is in it for the long haul. 

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One of the main reasons for this is the speed at which the relationship has progressed. It was only a month ago on May 21st that the media confirmed Ariana and Pete were dating, but keeping it casual. A lot of new tattoos and date nights later and the couple was engaged on June 12th. 

While there is the whole idea of love at first sight, research suggests strong feelings at the beginning of a relationship are actually just lust or infatuation. That being said everyone falls in love at their own pace. 

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Another big reason that people are doubtful of this relationship lasting is that both Ariana and Pete were coming off of recent break-ups. Ariana had been in a serious two-year relationship with Mac Miller that only ended at the beginning of May. Meanwhile, Pete had been dating Cazzie David up until May 16th when they announced their split. 

That doesn't mean this is a rebound situation, but the fact that they both went from one relationship to another is a red flag for some people. 

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Finally, with Ariana dropping her new album Sweetener this August some people believe that the speed of the relationship or even the whole thing itself is a bit of a PR stunt to generate more buzz around Ariana in advance of her release. 

And if it isn't a PR move, there is the fact that with a new album brings an international tour. So Ariana will be planning a wedding and promoting a new album all while moving from city to city for who knows how long. While it's totally possible to keep the spark alive, many other celebs have famously touted distance and heavy work schedules as the reason for their relationships not working out. For a new couple - it can definitely be deadly. 

Despite the skeptics, the couple seems very in love, especially after Pete confirmed the engagement on Jimmy Fallon earlier this week saying "it's f*cking lit!" 

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