Last night, HUGE news about Jennifer Lawrence broke. No, she didn't finally admit she was way too young to play her character in American Hustle. JENNIFER LAWRENCE IS ENGAGED! Not as big as the American Hustle thing, but still exciting. So, who's the dude who put a ring on it? Meet Cooke Maroney. Read on for everything you need to know about Jennifer Lawrence's fiancee. 

Who is Cooke Maroney?

With a name like that, you might think Cooke Maroney is a prohibition-era gangster (not hating, I very much love a good speakeasy). But, actually, Cooke Maroney is a 34-year-old art gallery director based in New York City. Prior to becoming a city man, he grew up in Vermont. 

How did Cooke Maroney and Jennifer Lawrence meet?

As far as we can tell, the two started dating back in June 2018. Jennifer's friend, Laura Simpson, introduced her to Cooke. Sorry, Tinder! Matchmaking among friends lives on. Unlike some of her past relationships, Jennifer made an effort to keep her ~*thing*~ with Cooke private. The couple got to know each other while jet setting around Europe and enjoying casual dates in NYC. 

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When will Cooke Maroney and Jennifer Lawrence get married?

Woah, slow downfriends! She was just spotted wearing the "massive ring." But, like you, our patience is equivalent to Chris Pratt's character in Passengers. We want Jennifer Lawrence (in a wedding dress), and we want it now. For now, we've just got to let Cooke and Jennifer celebrate their engagement. "Things are very serious between them," a source told US Weekly. "They definitely appear to be in it for the long haul." Awww, and just in time for Valentine's Day too. 

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Most likely, we're not the only ones interested in J Law's engagement. Her exes Nicholas Hoult and Darren Aronofsky probably want to know who the heck Cooke Maroney is too. But, they'll have to Google like the rest of us because neither Jennifer nor Cooke is big on social media. Nicholas, Darren and, of course, everyone else, we'll update you when we know more.

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