Although I have no desire to have a child of my own at this age, I do genuinely enjoy admiring other people's super cute babies. Sometimes I find myself scrolling through Twitter and feeling totally overcome with a serious bout of baby fever, but then I remember how much work those cute little guys are and quickly snap back to reality. Now, fans are begging Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin to have a baby after her super cute new Instagram post.

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Yesterday afternoon, Baldwin posted the above video to her Instagram of her and the couple's dog, Oscar, all snuggled up watching Netflix. If you look closely, you can see a hand in the bottom left corner. People are speculating that it's likely Justin enjoying some quality time with his little family.

Although Oscar looks pretty cute all bundled up, fans in the comment section are insisting that it's time for Hailey and Justin to start a little family of their own - they are about to get married, after all:

Via haileybieber

Via haileybieber

Via haileybieber

Honestly, I fully support this motion. I think that Hailey and Justin would make some adorable kids, and the two of them would be great parents! Let's get them down the aisle later this week first though, then maybe we'll hear talk about a baby Bieber.

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