Justin Bieber's wishes have not been granted. A few weeks back, Justin asked fans to stop comparing his ex Selena Gomez and wife Hailey Baldwin, and if you don't support them then you're not his fan. Well, seems like fans have completely forgotten about that. All of Hailey Baldwin's Instagram comments are about how good Selena Gomez looked at Coachella

Coachella, or better known as the 'influencer Olympics', is where everyone comes together in the weirdest clothing possible. Selena Gomez has attended Coachella in previous years, one of them being with Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner and another time was with ex-boyfriend The Weeknd. However, since she's pretty much out of the spotlight now, she only made a brief surprise appearance on stage with Cardi B for DJ Snake's set. 

Even though Selena and Hailey didn't run into each other at Coachella, and Hailey wasn't even at DJ Snake's set, fans still felt the need to pin them together. While they both looked stunning at the festival, fans think Selena 'killed it' and are definitely letting Hailey know in her Instagram comments. 

While Hailey hasn't even posted a photo from Coachella, her latest Instagram photos are filled with comments about Selena... like always. You can see some of the brutal comments below: 

Hailey and Selena have been pinned against each other from the minute Hailey and Justin started dating after he briefly reunited with Selena in 2018. After countless attempts to stop this, it seems like Justin is focusing on his mental health instead of trying to debunk the rumours anymore. 

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