Canadian pop icon Shawn Mendes is being called homophobic after the release of Rolling Stone interview earlier week in which the singer made some questionable comments. From admitting that his friendship with Hailey Baldwin was more than what it seemed, to talking about how much he loves weed, the interview was definitely full of a lot of interesting facts about the Toronto-born star. Though one comment, in particular, seemed to ruffle a lot of fans' feathers.

Shawn was asked about his sexuality and the growing amount of fans who are convinced the star is either gay or bisexual. Mendes, yet again, denied the rumours which he has done in the past. But it was the way he did it this time that left a lot of fans unsettled. 

Some fans believed that the tone of Shawn's denial came off homophobic, considering the star admitted to attempting to be seen publicly with women as often as possible to limit rumours.

Many contrasted his response to Kendall Jenner's who, in the eyes of some fans, handled the rumours a lot more gracefully and wasn't as offensive because she didn't seem to treat the rumours as a negative thing.

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Fans attempting to rectify the situation on Shawn's behalf mentioned that past interviews done by Rolling Stone, such as one with 5SOS, have the tendency to spin people's words to make the story better. As a result, what Shawn was quoted as saying may not have been what he actually meant.


Shawn even went on his Instagram to tell fans that "sometimes the positive side of things doesn't get told and I wish it had here'' in response to the article.

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Regardless, it seems that fans are still quite divided over the tone of his denial. But either way, if there is any bright side to the situation, at least the air is finally clear on the star's sexuality so fans can stop speculating. 

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