If anyone follows Khloe Kardashian on Instagram, then they will know how much she edits her photos. I'm not talking about photoshop per se, but she puts a ton of filters on, makes her eyes stand out more, and even puts Snapchat filters on her daughter, True. We're all kind of used to the Kardashian-Jenners editing their photos, but this one was a bust. While holding baby True in her most recent photo, fans noticed a few things that were wrong with Khloe's photo

The photo is Khloe holding baby true up in the air while kissing her, and by a very nice pool. The photo is captioned with "Moon of my life", and it has a ton of filters on it like usual. But if you look a little closer, you'll see that there are a few things out of place. 

First, one of Khloe's hair extensions just disappears and looks like it's completely blurred out of the photo. Maybe the extension was out of place, but girl... that's better then blurring it! Fans noticed that first, but a lot of fans were quick to notice another thing. 

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From half of her boob out to her skinny waist, fans think Khloe also photoshopped her waist to look smaller. While she may just be sucking in like we all do when we're in photos, it really does make the illusion that she photoshopped the photo. But we also have to remember her stance; she's lifting True, sucking in, and that would automatically create a smaller looking stomach. Or maybe she's just that ripped!

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Let's just say fans are not happy with the amount of editing Khloe does on her photos. From comments like "Am I supposed to be looking at True, your hair, your waist or your boob?" to "Wondering if you posted that because you look good or because of your love for your child, you've changed", it's clear that fans are over all of the editing. In one of Khloe's recent selfies, her lips were so pouted that all of the comments were about that, even though the photo and caption was about her new bleach blonde hair. 

Do you think Khloe edits her photos too much? With all of the apps on your phone now that let you do it quick and easily, I'm sure she's not the only one!

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