Taylor Swift just marked the 9th anniversary of her first stadium concert but it doesn't seem like she mastered the merchandise game within that time. Her newest merch was released on April 26th and there have been so many complaints about the line. Fans are still finding new problems with the merch over a month later with the newest offense having to do with punctuation. Fans are ripping Taylor Swift's new merch apart because of a spelling mistake

Before this newest fiasco, her merch was being slated as overpriced, cheap, and incomplete. Fans are begging for her to do something about their purchases that are literally falling apart. 

Protests have gotten even worse after fans realized the spelling error in one of her phrases. One of her shirts reads,“Your’e the only one of you baby that’s the fun of you." The apostrophe in "You're" is in the wrong place. How does that even happen? 

Some fans that are used to this new merch mix up have taken the humorous route. They're using a line from her new song "Me!" to make the situation more light-hearted. In the song, she belts out the line, "Spelling is fun!", but apparently it's not easy. 

Even though Taylor's Swifts' merch is...not so great, her new album will be out later this year and we're pretty sure it's going to be amazing. 

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