While Jordyn Woods moves back into her mom's house, Kylie Jenner is out and about, trying to move on with her life. Anyone else could deal with this situation in peace, but not Kylie. Instead, she's out shopping. But fans are super confused after Kylie Jenner steps out with a Jordyn Woods lookalike

Last night, Jordyn finally spoke her peace on the situation. While she thanked people at an event for 'supporting her through everything that's going on', Kylie was out and about... shopping at Cartier. Can't relate. But fans noticed something while Kylie was hiding behind her ever-so-expensive purchase. And that was that she was out with someone who looks exactly like Jordyn. 

Her friend, who is not Jordyn, is named Heather Sanders. Heather, Jordyn, and Kylie have been friends for a while, and posts about the two often. Back in 2017, she posted a photo for Jordyn's birthday and the caption was "happy birthday to a real one". Lol. You can view the photo of Jordyn's lookalike below: 

I mean... The resemblance is uncanny.

@heathersanders_embedded via  

Fans, as well as myself, did a double take when the photo was posted as well as when Kylie showed Heather in her Instagram stories. Everyone went, "Wait, is that Jordyn?" It's not. Fans in the comments are saying things like, "That's Jordyn's stunt double" to saying that Jordyn's replacement audition went well. Wow. 

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Jordyn is probably at her mom's house looking at photos, wondering who else she can call to get through to Kylie. I mean, I don't see them ever not being friends again, I don't think Kylie can cut her off completely. However, if she does, we will all understand why. 

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