Beyonce was back for round two of Coachella last night! Fans were so excited to see the headliner back for the second week of the music festival, even though she made a rookie mistake. 

We all love Beyonce and we know that she's probably the most talented performer on earth, but even she can make mistakes. 

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Beyonce invited her sister, Solange up on stage for her second performance. Fans were super excited to see the sisters up on stage together. The set went really well except for one minor mishap.

If you weren't watching closely enough, you may have even thought it was planned. During the performance, Beyonce went to lift her sister up during a dance sequence and they both immediately tumbled to the floor. 

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It's a little hard to catch considering the pros played off the fall easily and turned it into a dance move. 

Here's a video that caught the adorable tumble.

Only Beyonce could make that epic fall look totally adorable. 

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