Everyone knows that actors and actresses have to typically take some more... embarrassing roles to say the least to be able to climb up to the A-list ranks. Naturally, considering Megan Markle was an actress before a royal-to-be, she went through the exact same process.

Earlier this year we found two cringey W-network movies she had starred in and assumed those were the only ones she had taken on. Though it seems fans have found yet another nearly decade-old role Markle took on, this time though it was a commercial! 

The commercial in question is a 2009 Tostitos spot that was uploaded to YouTube that same year. The commercial was promoting Tostito's short ingredients list, little did they know the commercial would have such a big effect nearly a decade later!

The video spiked in views thanks to fans of the royal-to-be wanting to get a glimpse at one of her first commercials, to which viewers realized she didn't even get to voice her own character in the ad! A voice actor did her lines! Though we have to say, her facial expressions were on point. 

@newsroyal2embedded via  

So while Markle may be may be saying goodbye to her acting profession now that she's becoming a royal, it doesn't seem like she'll have to look too hard to reminisce on her acting days. Nothing is ever really gone from the internet now, is it! 

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