After the news that Kim and Kanye have just received their bundle of joy, all eyes are on Kylie as the baby countdown continues. Kylie is the next KarJenner who's due date is rapidly approaching - which no doubt means her bump is only growing bigger! 

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We don't have to tell you that Kylie has been incredibly incognito for the past few months. Sources claim the star is allegedly insecure about her growing body and wants to take this time to relax and enjoy her pregnancy outside of the public eye. 

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However, some fans maintain that they spotted Kylie at a CVS in L.A. yesterday, sporting a super large baby bump and shopping for toys. Many fans are convinced that the woman in the photo is in fact Kylie, considering their similar style and obvious baby bump - but some are not so easily convinced. 

Reports also claimed that Kylie was spotted going into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. where Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, supporting the theory that Kylie was Kimye's surrogate all along. Before your head explodes (and trust me, mine was close) the rumours have since been reported as false. But that still poses the question: is this or isn't this Kylie?! 

Honestly guys, it's super doubtful that Kylie would go out and do her own dirty work. Especially since she's been trying so hard to hide her pregnancy from the world. So who placed this Kylie decoy perfectly in sight to create a massive media uproar? Oh Kris Jenner, you've outdone yourself! Nothing like a media blitz to give Kylie some clout! 

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