This week, on Keeping up with the Kardashians... Little sister Kendall Jenner posted a mysterious love letter on her Instagram story yesterday, December 11th. Since the photo was posted, fans have been freaking out, speculating who it possibly could be from.

Jenner has recently been linked to Ben Simmonsalthough according to close sources, they two have just been hanging out and hooking up, and won't ever become a couple. With Simmons being knocked off the list, we have to wonder... Who else would offer such a romantic gesture?

Via kendalljenner

You may have forgotten, but back in 2013, Jenner was linked to the famous One Direction member, Harry Styles. Knowing how sweet Styles is, we definitely wouldn't put it past him to be the type to send romantic letters to the women in his life! The One Direction fandom may not be as highkey as it was before, but they still exist, and they're still crazy, so they took the time to analyze the situation on Twitter:

Fans even went so far as to dig up an old note from Styles' Instagram, in order to compare the handwriting. Although there definitely are some similarities, it's also hard to ignore that there are some major differences. 

@harrystylesembedded via  

Only time will tell who the romantic man in Jenner's life is! What do you think? Is it Harry Styles, or does Ben Simmons have a secret romantic side to him?

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